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Frequently difficulties in our work try to inform us, that something in our life has to be changed.

I don't want to list the endless ways in which our work can become a burden. Because of all the problems in the outer situation we are not able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Not only that we can't achieve the results we are used to, the situation influences our private life but last not least our health.

Our common reaction is to solve the problem by changing the outside: We look for a new job. But like magic circumstances there unfold in the same old way – a new colleague is hired who turns out to be similar to the one we suffered from at the old job or the structure of the workplace is changed and the conditions become as bad as they had been before we changed

So – no matter how hard we try to escape – we can't escape from ourselves. Our own radiance, our personality attracts what surrounds us – professionally and privately!

This hamster wheel can be repeated almost endlessly – until we retire finally – frustrated and ill. Then we can't even use our freedom because we are energetically worn out. As a boss you can become so dominant and nasty that no employee stays in your company for a long time. All the responsibility and work sticks to you all the time - a good condition for heart attacks or financial losses.

Wherever you go you take yourself with you

I don't coach you in your special field; I coach you as a personality. As a team we find out where your problems derive from – very often you can find the root in the past of your private life. By being aware what the real cause of all this is, your awareness will shift and new doors will open which you would have never thought of before. Sometimes you realize that your potential is completely elsewhere, far away from what you are doing now, In this case – new opportunities will approach because of the law of attraction.

That's why it is so important to remove what is covering your real core.


To find the best solution I use my techniques mentioned further on. One very effective technique for problems in business is certain form of Family Constellation! – Details you find in the according chapter!

Success and fulfilment

If you do what is appropriate to your potential, you will work with joy, motivation and loads of energy. And when you are fulfilled, success can't be withheld from you any more! It is seen as a risk to follow the personal desires, but it is the only way to become truly successful!

Be open to go a very unique path if you want to reach unique goals. As a German therapist points out:

„If you want to reach something you never had before, you have to do something you never did before!“
( Peseschkian - neurologist, psychiatrist and psychotherapist)

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