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Past life therapy

Before I explain how I use it, first a few words about past lives: Nobody can scientifically prove whether we come to this earth multiple times or not. The character of time – we know as linear – is the core of the discussion – because time isn't a constant factor, linearity works only in our limited perception and in the inability of our brain to see cause and effect simultaneously . It is a bit similar if you never saw snow, if you don't know, what snow is, you can have all sorts of descriptions of it, but if you can't experience it yourself – it is difficult to know what it means. It is the same with past lives. People who have had the experience are certain that it is a fact of our journey through creation.

Anyway in my practice it is a form of therapy, and the historical truth is not relevant for its effectiveness. And it is not a matter of curiosity. What does it help anyone, knowing he once was an emperor if he is a simple workman presently or what's the use of just knowing, your spouse has killed you in a former life time – this destroys eventually your marriage! But if you can recognize that this causeless rage you have against him or her comes from such a crime and that you are together with this partner to balance the old emotions and that you both have changed in the meantime – then this rage has no sense any more and vanishes!

The power of images

Our soul is speaking in images – it is the language of dreams as well. The images can be harmful; the images can heal as well. Healing is the purpose of this therapy. It can also help to forgive much easier. If you find out, that you and this other person were one another's victim in several life times and that hatred and revenge are the optimal clue to bring you two together again, it will be much easier to overcome this old pattern and it brings peace in the relationship with him or her. Peace and forgiveness can improve this relationship a lot and bring it to a new level.

But it is not a method of the first session or if a person is psychologically unstable or wants to do it out of curiosity, I refuse to apply it! I use this powerful method with responsibility!

Again and again you climb down
Into the changing lap of earthly life
Until you've learnt
To read in the light
That life and death have always been the same
And this never-ending chain
Of arduous issues finally unites
Inside of you and form a circle calm and wide
In your will then the universal will is bright
Silence embodied
Silence for ever – and eternal light
(Manfred Kyber - Author, theatre critic, dramatist, lyricist and translator)

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