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Working with cards

This not about card reading – seeing your future and avoiding impending evil or finding the mate of your dreams...

Those cards are specially designed pictures to inspire the subconscious. We are never hurt in our mind, we are hurt emotionally. So you can be very clear that your anger or your sadness have no reason – that won't let them disappear which it makes it even worse, because you think, something is wrong with you. But if you look ar a certain picture often enough a memory comes up of something in the past, in your childhood that is connected to this emotion, then you can release and transform the energy held in it.

There are two basic principles when working with cards:

1. There are no coincidences!! Everything that comes your way has something to do with you; it has a message for you! The only difficulty is to understand what the universe tries to tell you!

Coincidence is just a name for an unknown law! - Kybalion

So there is a law behind the cards. Cards can be seen as a miniature edition of life. If you take them out of the pile and concentrate on your question, you will with absolute certainty get the right one. You only have to be able to interpret it – here I am the supporting interpreter if you can't do it. Some of my clients remember certain pictures after years and this impression caused a big shift in their life!

2. There is no right or wrong interpretation! Depending on the question the person asked, the subconscious connects with the underlying cause and directs the interpretation. The result very often astonishes in its clarity

Different card sets

I work with different sets according to the issue we are working on. The most famous ones are the OH Cards designed by the painter Ely Raman about 30 years ago. They are translated in about 30 languages in the meantime because they are combined with words which can influence the picture subjectively – and this combination brings the two halves of the brain to work together.

The cards help to deepen an insight or to find out the roots of a trauma. The client's reaction is showing whether we are hitting the point he is looking for and – they also help to find solutions, nobody would have thought of before. It is an additional possibility to do a recording during those sessions – later on, after the session the client can can listen to his own voice and realises that he himself has the right answers inside of him. The cards only help him to the surface.

"Images are the primeval transcript for all languages!"
(S. Hiener)

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