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Transpersonal Psychotherapy and the Universal Laws

This is the foundation of all my work with people: Transpersonal psychotherapy includes ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, Christian mystic and the Hermetic Orders. Those timeless teachings were once only passed from ear to mouth. A pupil had to prove his earnest desire and had to pass life threatening trials to be initiated in the secret temples, where this wisdom was taught. Over thousands of years this was kept secret because mankind wasn't ready for such powerful tools which could be a blessing or a curse if used unwisely.

Nowadays the doors are wide open; everybody who wants to go deeper and find a deeper meaning of life has the opportunity to learn. But as in former times – this is not a theoretical knowledge; it is a different way of living. This wisdom shows us how we can become our own creators, independent of the goodwill of some gods and the influence of the outer world, but it takes discipline, persistence, courage and the deep desire to follow a path apart from the mass consciousness.

Persistence and Continuity – no matter what

You have to be ready to face your own abyss but you are also called to discover and use your full potential. And – there is nobody left, you could blame for your misfortune. The only one who is in charge of your heaven or hell is you. Your strongest and most cunning adversary is your own ego, using all tricks and temptations to bring you back to your comfort zone. It is a never ending process – but it is also the door to freedom, where you can become the master of yourself of your life and you can form it the way you desire. You become the producer of your film, the creator of your life.

You will fall down, will relapse but every time you stand up again you will become a little stronger and gain more quality in your life.

Finally everything in your life will improve – your health, your wealth, your relationship, and the people surrounding you. You find your very personal life's purpose in which you can only be fulfilled and successful. You see the difference between what is important and unimportant in your life. You will become a lot more serene and the world outside can't control you anymore.

The energy you invest is always the same

And – not to forget: You will be investing the same energy either in keeping the doors of your subconscious shut or invest it in improving your consciousness.

Life can be a laborious, boring treadmill or become such thrilling adventurous path where you look forward to the next insight waiting for you around the corner. So I offer to be your guide showing you the path and help you through all the adversities along the way until you have learnt enough and you are ready to walk it on your own.

"Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute,
What you can do or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it;
Only engage and then the mind gets heated;
And then the work will be completed!
(J.W. Goethe )

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