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Systemic family therapy and family constellation

Virginia Satir – a therapist in the thirties of the 20th century – can be called the pioneer of family therapy. She was the first to plead for including all family members when working with a child because of the fundamental influence family members have on one another. She was attacked because of her therapeutic approach, but nowadays it is so obvious that there is no improvement in a child's therapy without including at least the parents.

Bert Hellinger, a former priest, who was in Africa for several years, widened this point of view. He realised in Africa that not only the present family influences the individual but the ancestors do so as well. He found out that the suffering or the crimes of the ancestors are passed on to the next three or four generations. Only if the present member of the family consciously realises what had happened there – then balance can be restored and the life of the present family member can improve.

The morphogenetic field

And – there is another phenomenon: Every country, every race, every family builds up a morphogenetic field which stores everything that happened in this community. It is like a virtual download where everything that happens is recorded.

What Hellinger found out was that you can make this field visible. If the one person of the family asks strangers to stand in the place of his family members, those persons – no psychics! – are so involved in the morphogenetic field and they feel like the family member they represent though they don't know anything about this family. This is such a powerful method which I use successfully, because very often we carry the burdens of our ancestors.

How to do it in practice

It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to work with it properly. It can cause more damage than benefit if used unprofessionally! To build up the field is easy, but to cope with the tragedies hidden there is a technique that should be learnt profoundly.

I practice it often with dolls and what seems to be a childish game turns out to be a very deep therapeutic process. Even people who are emotionally very introverted can't keep their emotions back when the trauma is coming to the surface – and healing can take place! Very, very often – mainly after two world wars we carry around the burden of those passed away a long time ago without knowing. But we are blocked in some areas of our life and can't find a way out. If we release those old burdens – miracles happen! I've seen many during all the years of working with patients.

„The sins of the fathers will be passed on to the following four or five generations!“
(- Old Testament)


A special method to work with those who passed away

The unreleased souls:
In my view death is never the end. It is only the threshold to another level of existence. But after a deadly accident, in a shock or after committing a crime, a soul can't leave the realm of the living. It gets stuck and it can bother living relatives because of fear, uncertainty, guilt or because it wants to support the loved one. This is not woo woo! This is just beyond our five senses. We don't see ultraviolet light we don't hear ultrasound – yet they undoubtedly exist! And in my practical work, I experienced many times the existence of those souls. Sometimes we have to help those trapped souls and give them the certainty to move on. The energy in the room changes, when they appear it is like a cold draft- and the energy improves when they can move on. And there is no spiritualistic gathering needed. I do it with the help of muscles testing and that works excellently.

This is something I only use if my clients are open for those realms. If someone does not believe in it, it will never work out. But if we can use this method in the right situation, the helpful influence on the living person is obvious and can change his or her whole life.

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