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Creation Compass System

As we are multi-levelled beings, we can't just switch over to a new awareness. That's why so many self-help seminars don't work long term.

What we have embodied in our subconscious over years, even decades, can't change after one weekend of new insights. Even if you think of such a simple ability as driving a car: If you go from the UK to other European countries a lot of concentration is needed in the beginning just driving on the right side of the road during the first days – the well known habit of left side is still very dominant.

To believe our psyche is like a machine we can switch is a dangerous error, it causes us to fall back even deeper than we were before because in truth we just opened Pandora's Box. And when we tend to believe that when we solve this one problem everything will be fine, we are either arrogant or ignorant. Both aspects don't serve our personal growth.

First of all most of us are educated by parents who didn't have a clue about their own inner power. Most of them had an unhappy childhood themselves and saw the outer world as the ruling factor. The two world wars damaged those generations. So they couldn't give us any useful instructions for a self defined life. Our schools, colleges and even universities deepened this belief of being ruled by the outside conditions. And we ourselves added traumatic experiences by acting blindly, unaware of how to do it better .So we first have to dive deeply to find our true self. You can't drive a car if the steering wheel is covered with all sorts of covers - you can't see properly out of the front window to know where you are driving to. So you need support to sort out what is originally yours and what is not. And if you arrived at your true self it is very vulnerable and instable because:

Secondly we are all born in a time where materialistic values and a five- senses- thinking are governing our every day lives. So if you are surrounded all the time by people who have this sort of consciousness, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to keep up a different state of mind. We all have had this experience – being together with people who are depressed or hopeless – like in an old people's home: You are dragged down if you are aware of it or not if you have to stay there longer.

This is why you need tools to keep up your own energy – even more – learn to be strong enough to change the outer energy to a higher level and thus support everybody involved in the situation!

In summary: First you have to find out who you truly are and secondly you have to be able to keep up this state no matter what the outside is up to and thirdly you expand your consciousness – forever.

You can compare yourself to a treasure hunter who first of all has to seek the treasure hidden in a secret place and then bring it back safely where it actually belongs and use it according to its potential – That's why you need a system not to get lost. Undoubtedly there will be many occasions to fall, to lose your way or to be mislead or walk in a circle without knowing it. Or you are tempted to give up because your comfort zone wants to convince you that this is much too exhausting and too long-drawn-out.

A helpful guide

So there should be something to help you to stand up again when you fall and gives you the courage to stay on track no matter what – and that is the CREATION COMPASS SYSTEM which I will teach you and you can use for yourself independently later on. It can guide you through life if you are ready to leave the mass consciousness and choose to live your very special individual life style.

And development never stops; life is an ongoing always changing stream. By knowing and accepting this – such a support system is very comforting and helpful!

The goal to achieve

What a beautiful vision – to be able to create our own life – according to each one's personality: Waking up every morning, looking forward to every minute of that new day. Being curious to all that will come along and seeing everything as a chance to grow further knowing, you will be able to handle it constructively and find a satisfying solution. You can reach the goals you desire without being stopped by outer conditions.

It is possible, there are living examples! Many famous personalities like Bob Proctor, Guy Finley, and Mary Morrissey – to name just a few examples - are demonstrating such a way of living. But all the same they never stop learning and improving themselves!

Life can be a wonderful, miraculous adventure – it is up to you which path you choose: the path of a victim, being ruled by a critical anonymous world or life as your own creator investing your energy to serve you and others according to your purposes and talents– and in responsibility for everything around you!

"God's plan was
That man himself should be
The complete master
Of hid own good."
(Rav Moshe Lazzato)

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