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Originally I come from a completely scientific background, having studied biology and chemistry which I taught for 13 years. Those experiences in scientific work and teaching helped me a lot as a foundation in my present work as a natural healing practitioner and personal coach.

In Germany you have to go through a special education and pass a state approved examination to be allowed to have a healer's office and prescribe remedies. More than 25 years I have been doing this now.

When I first set up my practice I focused mainly on traditional homeopathy to which I added transpersonal psychology and various different techniques aimed at the individual personality and circumstance.  My focus has always been on the person sitting in front of me.  Regardless of the medical diagnosis I explore the depths of what the person in front of me is experiencing as a result of their illness.

The cause of all disturbances

It is my deep conviction that all deseases, disorders and difficulty, wether they are physical or mental, always originate in the psyche. Over time, this can manifest in the body symptoms when the original message is suppressed or repressed. Once we understand this language and accordingly change something in our lives, the symptom is superfluous and we can again become whole, and enjoy a new level of consciousness that allows us to be at peace with ourselves and to better understand the effect of the universal laws.

Main focus of my work

Meanwhile, I have expanded my repertoire and mainly work on life crises of all kinds - in business, in relationships, in the partnership arena or ith those who are also working to find a personal mission in life, which is often hidden under a mountain of semiskilled belief patterns. Sometimes it's simply a matter of improving the quality of life of people and to reveal to them their own self-created limitations and to show them how they can overcome them. It's always a team effort. I can support my patients only so far as they themselves bevcome aware of their self imposed issues - I can only take an individual as far as they want to be taken. In the infinite landscape of the soul must be the one that offers itself as a leader, the paths be only gone yourself! As Goethe said, "All theory is gray ..."

If you want to learn more, I invite you to look at my short video to get to know me and to scroll through the various.

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