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Meditation is truly the diamond of all self-realisation techniques and it is the oldest one too. Meditation is something known in nearly every culture and in most of the mystic traditions throughout history of mankind.

Very popular is Zen Meditation as well as Buddhist meditation. There are many varieties to do it according to tradition, time and culture and also according to the pupil's level of practice. In our time meditation is often mixed up with imaginations and visualisation techniques. But meditation originally is beyond words and pictures. It is just the opposite: becoming still and empty – no thoughts, no pictures only widely alert, an empty mind, the body in an upright position, so that the spine is linked between heaven and earth.

Different techniques

Nowadays special frequencies of sounds to activate certain brain waves are used to get into that state with more ease, this might be helpful for beginners to experience what "the stillness of mind" means, but the best way to profit from the tremendous benefits, meditation can offer, is simply to practice it on a regular and consistent basis – no ambition, no striving – just persistence and patience are all you need, but this is a lot!

In our hectic, fast living, multi tasking society for most people it is too arduous, because of the result orientation we are trained in. We are always doing – we have lost the contact with our core existence. Meditation is not for getting results it is for finding inner peace and the contact to the core of our existence. There an opening is created for what we call intuition and this awareness knows what is right for us and it can't be manipulated.

The benefit from regular meditation

Most of the time, you don't feel a lot while meditating, but slowly and steadily you see the changes in your every day life, you become much more sensitive to what serves you and what does not, and your intuition and creativity will be vastly increased. You gain more serenity and become immune to the hectic and stressful outer world. You learn to rest in your centre whatever the outside is challenging you with. Lots of scientific researches have proven that the stress hormones are reduced and high blood pressure goes down and many more physical conditions improve by practicing meditation on a regular base – as well as longevity.

The method I learned is called Universal Meditation by Hans Endres. It takes into consideration our western mentality and lifestyle in the way it is practiced. You don't have to sit in the lotus position, an upright spine is sufficient and if you practice it at least ten minutes per day, you will soon be aware of the benefits in your daily life. You can combine it with any other technique, can include it in every life style and belief system and you can use it without problems in any therapy, it even supports a lot of therapeutic processes. In our stressful world it is without exaggeration the best thing you can do for yourself to improve your life on every level.

If you are interested in meditation – I can of course teach you how to do it and include it in the therapeutic process – it will always support the healing and it improves the quality of life. It is called the pre-creation state – before the creator started to form his creation. So I think – this includes probably everything meditation can offer.

„Human, learn to be essential
For when the world will once decline,
Coincidence will no more be
Then the Essential only
does persist in thee."
( Angelus Silesius - german lyricist, theologian and doctor)

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