Special areas of consultation

The first consultation

When you come to my place for the first time we have a long conversation together. I want to know all about you to build a picture that enables me to see your individual character. If I don't know who you are, I can't take you where you want to go.

This first meeting takes two to three hours and includes the first steps of therapy or coaching. As lots of my clients are coming from far away and can't come frequently to my place, Sessions can be conducted via SKYPE.

When clients come to my place I usually record our session for them so that they are able to listen to it later on. It is always fascinating to listen because we have the best answers already inside of us and I only help to bring them out. So I describe myself as an interpreter of the soul as well.

An individual way of therapeutic approach

I don't have a certain sequence or structure in my work I follow in general. Every person is different and I adjust my techniques and methods to the needs of every single individual. I am doing my very best for each and every individual but I don't want to become a guru who is telling you what you have or don't have to do!

I would love to work with you as a grown-up, self responsible individual – My goal is to increase your responsibility and self awareness even more. I am like a guide whom you need when you want to explore an unknown country. I can show you the path I know already and which could be suitable for you too, but you have to walk yourself, I can't and don't want to do this for you.

As on an excursion, we are a team and each team member has his job – you who want to get somewhere and me who can offer you guidance to get there. And I have a variety of tools that makes it easier to reach the goal. Which technique I use depends on the situation and on the person that I am working with. The description of techniques is not a sequence of using them but information, what varieties I can offer you in my work.

"When the healer forgets his knowledge
And the client his suffering
When heaven and hell meet
When the heart opens
And compassion is released,
When we are allowed to admit our weakness
With a smile
- In this very moment Healing occurs."
( unknown author)

If you had a trauma that is bothering you: No matter who is involved in the trauma – it is not about judging – that does not serve anyone - it is about freeing the trapped emotions and finding out the deeper meaning, the message. After that we can transform this experience into something constructive and helpful for your future life.

And I can assure you:
No matter how awful and destructive something seems to be and how painful and futile we my perceive it, there is always a spark of light concealed in it!

Making appointment

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