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Muscle Testing – Kinesiology

In the last few years muscle testing has become very popular and is used in many therapeutic areas.

Most of my dear readers might know the arm test, where you use the outstretched arm to press on the lower part between elbow and wrist. To resist the pressure means a YES or a strengthening, if the arm goes down, it is a sign of weakening or a NO. There are many varieties of doing the test which I don't want to mention in this overview. You can even do it with a surrogate, if the person who should be tested can't do it. But the tested person should always agree with the testing apart from a baby or a pet - then you can do it without permission.

A therapy of its own

With this technique I test the best potency of a homeopathic remedy, but this is also an excellent technique to find out hidden traumas or trapped emotions!

When I hit the point, the reactions during the testing are very intense – people start crying, get angry, fear is coming up or there are physical symptoms like heart palpitation, nausea or some pain is felt in some parts of the body. This is always a sign, that we are on the right track and the cause of whatever we look for is showing up.

The healing process needs time

The way of dealing with the cause of what we were looking for, differs too. Sometimes it is enough just to know consciously but sometimes – like finding out a former abuse - it is just the beginning of a therapeutic process. We human beings aren't machines which you can reprogram immediately. Our system needs to have time to integrate the new inputs. And the deeper the wounds – like in the physical level – the more time the healing process takes.

If the origin of a symptom seems to be a secret, the muscle testing is an excellent technique to bring it to the surface and clear it.

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