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Perhaps you have encountered my website because you are stuck in some areas of your life or because you have some problems you don't know how to solve or even some heath issues the classical medicine couldn't help you.

May be you feel like someone who is trappedand you are looking for a way to escape. This is not a good life condition to be in for a longer time period!

Brain researchers are welcome to use the comparison that our day-consciousness resembles a small boat floating on a vast ocean of the subconscious mind. Therefore, it is no wonder that we do not get out of our treadmill. Our life is determined by unconscious patterns, which we acquired in the course of our lives and integrated it into our behavior. Since we have years, often decades living with them, we take them not true as foreign.We see them as part of our personality, even if they serve us in any way and constantly lead us in the loop frustrating repetitions.

Programming the Subconscious

And even if our mind knows about this special pattern – we are not able to overcome it. Just take any kind of addiction – though you know, this drug doesn't serve you and your health – you can't resist using it again and again.

Over the years of working with people I have developed various techniques according to the individuality and needs of every client.

I use these techniques to bring you to the root of whatever is bothering you and I help you to find out the very first time when this paradigm had been created! Only with this deep understanding that you – as the person you are presently – don't have this limited perception of that time any more – you perceive it today in a different way. Only then you can overcome and transform it step by step and - you can use the energy captured in fighting and suppressing the pattern.

You can find more about the techniques I use in the according rubrics.

The deeper purpose of our existence

Of course it is a great relief and an improvement of life's quality if you can live free from energy absorbing patterns – but this is not the final goal I would like to lead you to – if you wish so.

The final goal of my work is going further than this: We are meant to become the creators of our lives. When we have developed our true self and learn to understand – and it is possible to do so – how creation works, we can become the co- creators of God, the Light or whatever you want to name this omni potential energy. Because this is our collective life's purpose: to become the best version of ourselves and use it for a responsible, caring creatorship. As Nick James, a success coach says: "Have you lived, have you loved, did you matter?"

As society reduced consciousness to the analytical mind of our five senses we sacrificed our birthright as creators, we only use the reptilian part of our brain and fight for power, against competition and see everybody as a potential enemy – so we are caught in pain, fear and suffering instead of. enjoying our potentials and using them for the benefit of others. The chaos we see around us derives form this reduced mind. It is like a prison; we built ourselves but lost the key and even forgot that we are in a prison – we try to cope with life in this limited space we think is all we can achieve. There is no use of blaming anybody – it is the duty of every one of us seeking for a better world to start with ourselves and strive for becoming co- creators!

That's why I call my work: CREATION COMPASS SYSTEM

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