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More then 200 years ago my Fellow citizen Samuel Hahnemann discovered this therapy based on the universal law of:
"As above so below. As inside so outside. And as in small so in big"

He saw the human being as a microcosm related to the macrocosm world. So everything in the world should also energetically be represented in the human body. Every disease in his observance is an imbalance of those energies. So if you offer this energy in a very low dosage, the body can use this information to activate the healing process.

Potentizing is not diluting

That's why he potentized remedies coming from all realms of creation (plants, animals, minerals, all sorts of elements) it is always important to find the lowest dosage triggering the self-healing procedure.

In the meantime physics can explain the effect of very high potencies. Chemically seen this is of course sugar or water or alcohol, but physically seen the molecules are informed with the energy of the substance like a song etched on a vinyl. If you burn it, you will never ever be able to find out the song that was etched there before. Our body is like the record player: It can recognize the information imprinted in the remedy and use it for its benefit.

To find the Simile

The difficulty is to find out the right remedy for the individual and his symptoms. That's why Hahnemann called it "The art of healing" and this is what I learnt to do. In the first consultation I try to get a picture of you to find out the remedy that can help your whole system to activate the healing energies – it is called simile. Whatever symptoms you have – let's take headaches – you have them in your own way, you experience them in a unique form even if the diagnosis says "Migraine". A homeopath never treats the diagnosis but the complete person. That includes your biography and the situation when the symptom was created.

Sometimes symptoms get worse for a short time at the beginning because the healing process is activated by the remedy. Very often dreams are intensified and those dreams give a lot of insights for the course of the therapy.

The advantages

Homeopathy doesn't have all those harmful side effects of classical medication – just the opposite:
Homeopathic treatment helps you to understand yourself better and makes you more sensitive to your real needs and what does not serve you. It improves the quality of your immune system, your whole wellbeing and your life in general!

"Everything is energy – even the atomic particles are bundles of energy. So the true healing can only take place on the energetic level. Everything else is a short-term improvement of symptoms."
(S. Hiener)

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