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Imagination and Visualisation

This technique – like working with cards – uses images for therapeutic processes in this case certainly with inner pictures.

For a long time imagination was seen as a useless fantasy, an illusion which is only distracting the mind from what is really important and rational. Children were told not to dream, not to cling to illusions but to focus on facts. Many of you might remember this from your own childhood. .That's the reason why we are incapable of using images for our benefit as grown-ups.

In the meantime science could prove how much images influence our physical systems, as the brain cannot differentiate between what is real and what is just imagination. It reacts identically and influences blood pressure, heart beat, breathing changes completely while doing a certain imagination. Everyone knows this from watching a movie: Even knowing – everything you see in the scenes is not real – you are engaged by the pictures you see on the screen.

We always see images in our mind

Nowadays imagination is called "The inner movie" And indeed – the only limits you have in this inner world are those you set yourself. And – we see inner pictures all the time, in fact we wouldn't be able to live properly. If you hear the word "tree" you automatically have the image of a tree in your mind, whether you realize it or not. Everybody will see a different tree but there is always a sort of tree showing up. We couldn't communicate without imagination. If someone describes his house, the image of a house is coming up in your mind and you get an idea of what sort of house he is talking about.

If someone is speaking a language you don't understand, there are no images – but there is also no communication. But you can help yourself to be understood by using images if you don't know the language. They are universal.

What's the difference now between imagination and visualisation?

An imagination can be everything – just an inner picture or a complete story, a fairytale or a realistic event depending on the purpose you have and why you are using it.

In a visualisation you are seeing something in your mind you want to be or to have in the future. It is goal oriented or it can be a design for something you want to bring into manifestation.

When are they helpful to use?

Both ways are very effective methods of therapy and I use them both in my sessions. With imagination for example I help people to relax by finding their inner place of recreation or improve the healing process by finding healing rituals. I use imagination too to create an inner healer who supports and gives advice, a healing pond to restore health or I use a conversation with the body part or the organ that is ill to find out more details about the symptoms. It is very effective to find a lost archetype that represents a potential the person has forgotten. Of course there are many more situations to include an imagination. It would lead too far to talk about all of them. To make them effective it is very important to be involved emotionally – only then the healing process is stimulated!

Visualisation is – as already mentioned a perfect tool to design in detail what you desire – whether it is the right flat, the perfect job or the future mate. You can only find what you want when you know what you are looking for. And the more details you know the easier you realize the chances showing up. Visualisation helps to become clear and to increase the intensity of your desire and that intensifies the energy to attract what you want.

Both techniques require frequent repetition and need emotional engagement to make them effective and increase the energy. Inner pictures are one of our most powerful tools. Everything that was ever manifested derives from a picture in someone's head – the whole creation can be described as an image arising from the divine's mind which has been brought into existence.

„Space is spirit, the universe is pure energy.“
( Kybalion)

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