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FOKUS - energetic medicine

The computer as a therapeutic tool.

All the techniques I offer react in fact on the energetic level. When you think of muscle testing or family constellation, it is obvious, that energetic effects are taking place, because no remedies at all are used here. Even the high potencies of homeopathy are nothing else but certain frequencies, bound to a carrier substance like alcohol or sugar. In all those therapeutic methods I need the presence of the patient – at least on the phone. But there is a method to work even at great distances:
Juergen Bergauer, an Austrian healer had the idea to use the computer as an energy carrier and he designed "FOKUS" – as he calls his program.

Everything is at the end of the day pure energy, even those objects which seem to be solid and fixed!

The effectiveness of this method

By inserting the data of the person to treat his energetic field is built up and it is possible to find out areas of malfunction in body and mind and it can be balanced immediately. Even disturbances in the family system can be found and corrected. This healing vibration can be used later on by programming homeopathic globules or even a bracelet or a in a certain sequence of numbers. It is also possible to use a photo to work with. Thus you can even find energetic malfunction in buildings and balance them.

The advantage of this method

The patient does not have to be present during the treatment. Energetic treatment is never limited to distances. Of course it helps if he can sit quietly to feel the energy flow. But it could be used even during an operation And – of course the agreement to do it is a matter of course! This method is excellent to work with babies, even with pets because there are never any side effects and it can be combined with every other treatment without any complications!

An exception – the first sessions in reappraising old traumas

But for the first sessions to work on traumas it is important to be in personal contact. There the helping presence of the therapist is needed without exception. You can never know, how the first reaction will be, when the trauma comes up and then a quick personal support is needed! However: During the healing process FOKUS can accelerate healing and sooth the possible reactions.

The presence of the patient when working with FOKUS

Of course the intensity increases, when the patient can watch on the screen, what is connected to his problems and how long it lasts until the energetic malfunction is balanced. It also helps him to understand consciously which psychic factors have caused or intensified his problems.

FOKUS has become a precious tool for me to use – as all the other techniques according to the situation, the symptoms and the individual aspects of the person sitting before me. And experience has been proven that it is very effective and helpful!

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